Te Arapiki Ako
"Towards better teaching & learning"

Pushpa Wood

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Last updated 06 December 2012 11:56 by NZTecAdmin

View comments from Pushpa Wood, Senior Education Advisor at the Retirement Commission, taken at the Literacy Forum in Wellington, May 2011.

Key content

Pushpa proposes that by collaborating and capitalising on what we already have, we can work smarter and make a difference.


Two things it will matter. One is collaboration and sharing and two, is actually capitalising on what we already have. If we can do those two things I think we can work smarter and I think we can make a difference, we’ve done it before and we continue to do so. We are innovative by nature as working at literacy and numeracy field you have to be innovative. And I come from a background from India where I had nothing, where here when I 1st arrived here in 1980 I was so envious of the resources you guys have. So I come from that background where you can do things even with nothing.



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