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Sylvia Heywood

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Last updated 06 December 2012 11:55 by NZTecAdmin

View comments from Sylvia Heywood, Industry Training Manager of Operations at ETITO, taken at the Literacy Forum in Wellington, May 2011.

Key content

Sylvia discusses the benefits of having a network of industry training organisations, the advantages of spreading embedded literacy and numeracy across the tertiary education sector, and the need for research that shows that considering literacy and numeracy within training makes a difference to trainees and to business.


One thing that we’ve learnt working with the industry training federation is that coming together and having a network ourselves has helped us all grow and come up with new ideas, because in effect we’re our own professional body where literacy and numeracy is concerned. We’re not have necessarily a degree we can all suddenly know how to embed literacy and numeracy, we’re all learning as we go along. And it’s really useful and helpful to know that the tertiary education commissioner also is spreading embedding literacy numeracy across the tertiary education sector, because when we talk to training providers, they’ve already heard it from somewhere else and they’re hearing that embedding literacy is the way to go, so it supports, it puts the support mechanisms in place.

There are some employers out there who you would consider, you would actually recognise them as being very good employers, you would recognise that training is important for their business. There are others that think that training is an additional cost. Unfortunately it seems as though the majority of employers seem to be in that category and the only way we can convince them differently is to give them the research that shows that considering literacy and numeracy within training makes a difference to the achievements of those trainees and to their business.



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