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Impacts and benefits

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Last updated 06 December 2012 10:54 by NZTecAdmin

Employees talk about how their literacy and numeracy practices at work and at home have changed as a result of the programme.

Key content

  • Programme related improvements – productivity and utilisation
  • Increased workplace engagement
  • Increasing financial accountability eg reducing change-over time
  • Benefits to community e.g. reading to kids, on marae

Things to think about

  • What were the benefits to the company, the individual and the community?
  • What behavioural changes occurred, as a result of the programme, in work and in the community?
  • In what ways did employees become more involved in their workplaces?
  • How could this video support employer engagement in workplace literacy provision?




25 March 2017 12:48
Thnaks for share http://www.elclasico2017livestreaming.com/
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