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2.11 Inverse operation with sine

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:30 by NZTecAdmin

What if we know the hypotenuse is 1 m long?

Side Opposite 30° ? 1 m
hypotenuse 1 m 2 m

The side opposite 30° is half the length of the hypotenuse, so if the hypotenuse is 1 m, the side opposite 30° is 0.5 m.

Side Opposite 30° 0.5 m 1 m
hypotenuse 1 m 2 m

Get learners to key sin 30° into their calculators. Calculator returns 0.5. So the calculator is telling us the ratio of side opposite 30° to hypotenuse is 0.5 : 1. Or if we look at the ratio in fractional form:

. If learners see this as a ratio rather than just a decimal number it makes it much easier for them to solve problems using sine (same for cosine and tangent).



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