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15. Example 3 – Exchange Rates – continued

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:30 by NZTecAdmin

Option 2: Make up a rule or equation
You could try a flow chart that converts $NZ into Euros.

The problem here is to work out the exchange rate. Try the info you are given:

So 780r = 370 so r = 370 ÷ 780 (rImage of an almost equals sign0.47)

Your rule for converting $NZ to Euro is e = r (k-20) where e = the number of Euros, k = number of $NZ and r = the rate.

Question: How can you reverse the flowchart to find the rule for how many $NZ a certain number of Euros will cost?

Extensions: Try other exchange rates. For example $NZ1000 = $US709.



17 November 2016 06:24
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