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Last updated 24 January 2013 14:10 by NZTecAdmin
Teaching decoding: step 4 (PDF, 41 KB)

Many tutors have identified that learners need additional help to progress with their decoding skills. Below are further specialised activities that follow the steps in the Read with Understanding progression. Some have been adapted from material available at http://www.excellencegateway.org.uk/sflcurriculum.

Learners at the 4th step of the Decoding progression

Sight words

  • Identify and read personal lists of key specialised words.
  • Read and complete a more complex form.


  • Identify any words from own key specialised words that have shared roots and discuss structure and origin, for example, danger, dangerous; electricity, electric, electrician; produce, producer, product, production.
  • Sort a list of words with the same initial letter into alphabetical order.
  • Put own key specialised words into alphabetical order.
  • Add prefixes to a list of words to create new ones and explain their meaning.
  • Raise awareness of word structure by:
    • matching words with common prefixes to create opposite meaning, for example, appear/disappear, tidy/untidy
    • underlining words with suffixes whilst reading
    • identifying groups of words with shared roots
    • underlining root words in words with prefixes and suffixes
    • splitting words into two to discuss their likely origins
    • joining words to make known compound words
    • experimenting with coining some useful new compound words.



01 April 2017 04:19
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