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Identifying Speaking and listening demands

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Last updated 16 June 2013 16:19 by NZTecAdmin

This resource will assist tutors when deciding what speaking and listening skills to teach or embed into their lessons.

In exploring the Speaking and Listening demands for your learners, this resource:

  • raises your awareness of what kinds of conversations match the steps in the Interactive Speaking and Listening Progression
  • provides examples of conversations at Step 1 and 2, Step3/4 straddle and Step 5/6 straddle in the context of hairdressing, automotive and negotiating a reschedule respectively
  • invites you to think of and write down actual conversations or interactions at each step of your own context thus clarifying the levels of difficulty of different interactions or conversations for your learners.

This resource reminds us that social interaction or social skills may need to be taught. Learners can be trained and guided in best ways to interact such as:

  • going over basic greetings using different levels of formality
  • practising asking and answering questions
  • understanding the importance of seeking clarification
  • role playing ways of reporting back or giving feedback effectively.

Example conversations mapped to Speaking and Listening Progression

The following exemplars demonstrate how contextualised conversations can be mapped to the progressions. Think about similar conversations in your own context as you read through these. The full descriptions of the Speaking and Listening Progression steps are in the Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy.

Download a pdf of the example conversations:

SLi examples of interactions at step levels (PDF, 633KB)

After thinking about the speaking and listening demands in your own context, you might add a Speaking Frame into your lesson plan as one way to help your learners develop the knowledge, confidence and ability to engage in the different conversations they need in their vocational context.

Key literacy outcomes

An initial step to providing embedded literacy programmes is to identify the literacy demands of the vocational context and course. The intent of this embedded approach resource is to:

  • raise tutor awareness of what kinds of conversations match the steps in the Interactive Speaking and Listening Progression
  • provide examples of conversations at Step 1 and 2, Step 3/4 straddle and
    Step 5/6 straddle in multiple contexts
  • encourage tutors to think of and write down actual conversations or interactions at each step of their own context thus clarifying the levels of difficulty of different interactions or conversations for their learners.




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