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Case Study Eleven: Story

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Last updated 30 October 2012 16:50 by NZTecAdmin

We started with a discussion about the bench marks they use in measuring length. Men tend to pace or use and eyeometer but women use the fabric measuring metre method of shoulder to opposite finger tip.

Case 11 -1

They then used this bench mark to estimate and create a paper square metre. Different people used different ways to decide whether they had in fact created a square. Eg. People who are sewers folded one triangle over the other using symmetry, builders checked that the diagonals were the same length.

Case 11 - 2

The next stage involved making sure their measurements were accurate using tape measures. This ensured that they were building an accurate picture of a square metre, something very few of them had ever done! After this we covered an area of the floor with the squares to visualise the area.

The next step was to use six of the square metres to create a volume of one cubic metre and let someone leap out of the cube!!!.

Case 11 - 3

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