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Last updated 22 April 2013 14:35 by NZTecAdmin

Available only for Reading or Numeracy, Snapshot assessments are shorter Adaptive assessments aimed at using a minimum number of items to make a broad estimate of a learner's achievement level.

When creating a Snapshot assessment, Educators must either set a step level Threshold or choose "No Threshold".When a Threshold is set, the Assessment Tool will terminate the assessment when there is sufficient evidence around the result to categorise the learner as achieving either below or above the Threshold step.

If the Assessment Tool cannot categorise the result after approximately 16 items, it will terminate the assessment and report a Threshold decision of "Undecided". If the "No threshold" option is selected the Assessment Tool will not attempt to categorise a learner as above or below a Threshold step, and will simply terminate at approximately 16 items.

Snapshot assessments will always report a best fit step and a Scale Score (with a margin of error) whether or not a Threshold has been set. Click here for further information about Snapshot assessments.



11 April 2017 17:08
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06 July 2017 00:06
This assessment is designed to distinguish whether a Learner is obviously accomplishing above (or underneath) a predetermined learning movement step. At times the Learner's outcome will be undecided showing that they are near the limit step. The report likewise demonstrates a best-fit stride and scale score. http://www.assignmentcorp.co.uk/
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