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Non-Adaptive and Non-Adaptive for Printing

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Last updated 22 April 2013 14:29 by NZTecAdmin

Non-Adaptive (online) and Non-Adaptive for Printing assessments contain a fixed set of items selected by the algorithm at the time the assessment is generated. Non-adaptive assessments still generate an estimate of the learner’s ability, but unlinke Adaptive assessments, they do not react to the learners responses during the assessment. It is important to ensure the correct difficulty level has been set when creating a Non-Adaptive assessment as there is a risk of the assessment being too easy or too hard for some learners.

Non-Adaptive assessments are sat online and require an internet connection. Non-Adaptive for Printing assessments are intended to be printed as hard copy assessments and handed out to the learners for completion - eg. when an online assessment cannot be performed. The answers for these types of assessments are automatically compiled in a Marking Guide which is then used to mark the assessment. The marks are then entered into the Assessment Tool by the Educator or Organisation Administrator.

Compare with: 'Adaptive'

See also: 'Online Assessment'



24 October 2016 19:32
The role of non-adaptive plasticity in evolution has received relatively little attention; however, our results suggest that it may be an important mechanism that predicts evolutionary responses to new environments. http://www.dissertationheaven.co.uk/
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