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External Learner Reference (ELR)

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:29 by NZTecAdmin

The External Learner Reference is an attribute of a learner that can be stored in the Learner’s details. It can be used to enter any value that is of use when exporting learner data to other systems, for example a Student number, SMS ID, Learner number, and so on. Its use in the Assessment Tool is optional.



23 October 2016 01:28
ELR findings are diagnostic for therapeutical decision when a correlation between palpitation and an arrhythmia is detected. http://www.assignmentvalley.co.uk/
30 June 2017 18:40
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07 September 2017 18:08
This field should just be finished for understudies for whom a student reference number has been submitted, and this is distinctive to that recorded in the past educating year. The student reference number may change between showing a long time for various reasons.

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