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Knowing what to do

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:28 by NZTecAdmin

General principles for guided teaching and learning activities

Each activity is aligned to a step on one of the Make Sense of Number progressions and is intended to strengthen the learners’ understandings of the concepts and skills associated with that step. The activities assume that the learners understand the concepts and skills from earlier steps in the progression, so it is important you check that the learners have these understandings. Each teaching and learning activity includes the following components:

  • A statement summarising the mathematical understandings that you will support the learners to develop in the activity.
  • A list describing the teaching points covered in the activity.
  • A list of resources or materials used in the activity. (These resources are readily available within adult learning settings and do not require the purchase of specialised materials.)
  • A guided teaching and learning sequence that details the steps for you to use to develop the learners’ knowledge of the skills and concepts addressed. The sequence includes questions for you to pose to the learners. The questions are intended to help the learners clarify their understandings as they explain their thinking to others. The questions are also designed to help you scaffold the learners’ understanding of the concept or skill being explored.
  • A follow-up activity for the learners to complete independently.

Summary of guided teaching and learning activities

There are currently 30 activities for Make Sense of Number to Solve Problems; some of them serve more than one progression. The progressions and steps that each activity relates to are indicated in the chart and noted at the start of each activity. Note that further activities may be added from time to time.




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