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Instructional strategies and approaches

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:28 by NZTecAdmin

As described in the resources that support the learning progressions, there are many instructional strategies and approaches that can be used effectively to teach particular skills, understandings and knowledge.

Whereas instructional approaches are the ways tutors organise instruction (see Instructional approaches), instructional strategies are the tools that tutors use, and are summarised in the diagram below.




17 February 2017 00:50
There are numerous instructional systems and methodologies described at http://uk.essaydune.com/ that can be utilized adequately to show specific abilities, understandings and information. While instructional methodologies are the ways mentors sort out guideline, instructional procedures are the devices that coaches utilize, and are compressed in the chart underneath
12 March 2017 21:13
Ususally information is transformed into various methodologies and strategies. The instructions are proven methods and each model is unique. There are many services that write articles to http://assignmentman.co.uk/ blogs regarding the instruction methodologies and proven methods. Each approach is well established.
28 March 2017 18:14
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30 March 2017 06:46
Cooperative Learning - Students working together in groups to explore/learn. The important piece here is that students must be held accountable for their learning and contribution to the group. A good way to do this is to assign roles to each student in the group (ie; the writer, the reporter, the person to get the materials, etc http://www.essaybliss.co.uk/. Then as the teacher, you should ask all members of the group to answer different questions so you can make sure each student participated and understands. Direct Instruction Very structured and highly scripted. This is a good method of teaching for students struggling with concepts. Uses a lot of modeling from the teaching and mimicking from the students. Thematic Teaching Incorporating all subjects. For example, you are discussing the Civil War in social studies, then in science, you talk about the different technology during the Civil War, in reading you read a story based in the Civil War time, in math, you can graph troops, supplies, battle victories, etc.
28 April 2017 18:31
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