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Organising and linking ideas

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:28 by NZTecAdmin
Organising and linking ideas (PDF, 28 KB)

The purpose of the activity

This activity helps learners to organise information logically and to provide cohesion between sentences and paragraphs in an extended text. The learners use a list of connective words and phrases to sequence and link a series of paragraphs.

The teaching points

  • The learners will critically analyse the organisation of their connected texts.
  • When the learners write independently, they will show evidence that they are improving their ability to structure their writing and link paragraphs by using appropriate connectives.


  • A text that is a good model of an appropriate text type. Copy it onto an overhead transparency (OHT) or make multiple copies to hand out to the learners.
  • An overhead projector.
  • A second text, prepared as described in (3) below. Copy this text onto an OHT or make multiple copies.

The guided teaching and learning sequence

1. Share the text with the learners and explain or discuss how the organisation of the text gives it coherence.

2. Point out linking words and phrases and other structural features.

3. Select a text that consists of short paragraphs and remove all connectives so the paragraphs are not clearly linked.

4. Give the learners copies of this text with a selection of connectives and signal words to use (see Appendix C3 (PDF, 32KB) for a list of such words). Discuss these words, explaining how different connectives have different purposes and how they can signal the logical development or sequence of ideas.

5. Have the learners use connectives from the list to link the paragraphs and organise them into a complete text that flows logically.

6. With the learners working in groups, ask them to discuss each other’s texts and give each other feedback on the cohesion between paragraphs.



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